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10k Training Weekly Recap: Race Week!

Hello, lovely readers!

We’ve made it to the end of another week, and with that week’s end came the the end of my 10k training plan. Here’s what the week looked like:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 4 x 800m repeats with 400m recoveries. 6 miles total, followed by some core work and stretching.

Wednesday: 6 miles easy, then some core work.

Thursday: Rest. This was my least favorite day.

Friday: An easy 20 minutes (2.5 miles) with some strides, then some stretching and foam rolling.

RACE DAY! I did a mile warm-up and some strides, then the race (6.2 miles, obviously). I’ll have a full recap up later this week, so for now I’ll just tell you that it was miserably cold and windy, that hill in the middle of the race that I worried about was, indeed, massive,  and I finished second female in 43:00 exactly. Here’s a photo of me freezing my buns off at the start line:

imageSunday: Rest. My training plan said to do a recovery run today, but I’m uber sore, and I also want to get back to Monday-Saturday running (no more of this 5-days-a-week business) and Sunday rest. So I settled for an easy little walk out in the beautiful sunshine. You’re a day late, sunshine.

Overall thoughts on this training cycle:  This was definitely a learning experience for me. I’d never had a training plan that I hadn’t designed myself or pulled out of a book/website, so that was interesting. And I’d never focused on short-distance speed. I think it was definitely good for me to mix it up and to add some paces I’d never considered (I never dreamed I’d be running intervals at 5:00 pace). Overall, I enjoyed it, and if you’re looking for a coach or someone to design a plan for you, go talk to Heather!

This week, I’ll start building mileage back up again (more on that Thursday), and I’ll head back to the gym for a couple strength training sessions. And, of course, I’ll get lots of extra mileage walking circles in my classroom and staring at standardized-test-taking kiddos.

(I got sidetracked for a really long time after searching “standardized test memes).

Have a great week!

Anybody else race this weekend?

What was the highlight of your weekend?