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Fall Classic Marathon Training: Week 10

Well, the school year has definitely started, bringing the busyness that is the first few weeks of school. My blogging might get a little sporadic over the next few weeks, as evidenced by my not getting this post written last night. I also might slack on commenting on your blogs for a bit. I’ll still read them — but it will likely be on my phone while I’m making copies or brushing my teeth. Please still be my Internet friend.

Last week was probably my toughest week of this training cycle. I’m not tapering just yet, and I still have some high mileage and hard runs to get done, but no week looks as challenging as this one was. Here’s how it went:

AM: 3 x 3 miles at goal marathon pace, 13 miles total. This was an encouraging run, after the terrible fast-finish long run I talked about here. I ran the first set right at 3:10 pace (7:15), the second set just a little quicker, and the third set at just under 7:10/mile — exactly how I’d like to run the marathon. Let’s hope that’s a good sign!

PM: About an hour of strength work. My body was pretty tired, so I decided to stay home and do more bodyweight/dumbbell stuff instead of going heavier in the gym.

8-mile recovery run. I’ve been watching these baby turkeys grow  up all summer, and they finally held still long enough for me to get a picture… but not long enough for a good picture.
photo (8)I didn’t get in an afternoon workout of any kind. I had a doctor’s appointment in Fort Collins, and then we went school shopping, so we didn’t get home until evening. By then, I was lazy.

AM: Tempo intervals for a total of 12.1 miles. I warmed up outside, ran the intervals on the incline trainer to practice downhilling, and cooled down outside, too.

PM: Core work, stretching, and foam rolling my ridiculously tight self.

AM: 9 miles easy, pausing for my usual sunrise picture.
photo 4 (3)PM: Another at-home strength workout for an hourish.

7 easy miles followed by some core work.

An early 22-miler. We stayed at my in-laws’ Friday night, as we were going to the county fair Saturday to see our nieces’ animals and projects, and we wanted to catch the parade Saturday morning. So I ran a little earlier than usual, but that’s okay because it was a beautiful morning.
photo (4)

Rest, with a little bit of yoga thrown in since my legs and hips were uber tight.

Totals: 71.1 miles, 2.5ish hours strength training, 20 minutes yoga

And that’s a wrap!

How was your week/weekend? Any adventures?

When was the last time you went to a county fair? What’s your favorite part of fairs?