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Weekly Workouts 10/20-10/26

Oh look, I went another full week without a blog post. Whoops. Between gate duty at a basketball game (yes, basketball already), parent-teacher conferences, and preparing for (and attending) a professional development conference, blogging got put on the back burner this week. It happens. Often.

I wasn’t blogging, but I was running and stuff. Mostly on the treadmill, thanks to the after-work commitments and morning darkness, but treadmill running beats no running (or dangerous running). Here’s how it went:

7 miles of treadmill fartleks — 3 minutes at 5k pace, 3 minutes off, six times, plus warm-up and cool-down

5 miles easy, plus the Runner 360 strength workout. It’s from Build Your Running Body (which I promise I’ll review when I blog regularly),  but it’s also here. It’s tough. I did it three times and was dripping sweat.

8.1 easy miles, my first outdoor run of the week. It got dark fast, but I loved it while it was light!

Yay! Crunchy leaves!
Yay! Crunchy leaves!

6 miles of “hill” repeats on the treadmill, then some quick core work

AM: 7 easy miles, then two rounds of Runner 360.  I intended for this to be my only run of the day, but…

PM: We got out of the conference at 4:30. I was meeting my boss at 5:30 to debrief and make some plans from what we’d learned. The sun was shining, and I’d been sitting all day, so I ran 4 glorious miles. It was a great choice, especially since i knew I wouldn’t have time for a long run Saturday.

5 easy miles. I left the hotel at sunrise:
photo 3 (4)
and 5 was all I had time for if I wanted to shower and eat before the conference started back up.. We were in Loveland, so I was treated with views of the mountains on the whole run.
photo 2 (7)
It did not suck.

When the conference finished, J surprised me by picking me up, and we went to meet our newest nephew, who was born Friday.
photo 4 (2)

Sundays are usually my rest days, but my legs were crazy-stiff after sitting in a conference and then a car all of Saturday. I went for a slow 3.5-mile run, then did 15 minutes of yoga. I felt much better.

Total: 45.6 miles. Yes, I ran eight times this week. That means that this coming week, I’ll need to be extra in-tune with my body and take an extra rest day or cross train if I need to. The last thing I need right now is an injury.

Well, friends, it’s my bedtime, so I’m not going to proofread this post. Please don’t tell my students. Have a great week!

What’s the most interesting/exciting thing that happened to you last week? For me, it was definitely meeting my nephew!