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Weekly Workout Recap and I Need a New Goal

Hey friends!

Since I’m not training for anything specific right now, I haven’t been great about posting my workouts. No one probably cares but me, but it’s my blog and I post what I want. And posting workouts is a good way to keep myself on track and accountable. So, here are the deets from last week (I said “deets.” I’m so hip.)

Monday: 3 quick treadmill miles before my favorite Muscle Works class. (Sad side note: I went to class tonight and learned that my favorite instructor, Carly, is taking some time off from teaching. Frowny face.)

Tuesday: 5 miles easy plus some quick core work

Wednesday: 1 hour lifting, 30 minutes spin bike intervals. I broke my run streak because my foot, calf, and hip were all feeling twingy, and as I’ve said before, streaking isn’t worth injury risk. The workout streak is what I really care about; it doesn’t really matter if the workout is running or not.

Thursday: 6 miles fartleks. Which is just a fun way of saying “treadmill run with some fast minutes.”

Friday: An hour of lifting and a 4-mile run. And this awful ab workout.
someday when I have 30 minutes just for abs...
My abs are still sore. And I did it only twice.

Saturday: 11-mile run. It felt good to get outside and run double-digits again. 

Sunday: 4 slow recovery miles around the neighborhood, checking out everyone’s Christmas decor. Also, I wore shorts. Last weekend, our temps barely topped zero. Silly Colorado. 
photo (2)
One of my favorite bloggers, Heather from Better with Veggies, put that picture on her blog today. I did not win this week’s Move Happy challenge, but I felt pretty cool. 🙂 

Did everybody see that I lifted weights THREE times this week?! Stop the presses; this is big news. 

In other big news (or not), I’m starting to miss training hard. This running what I feel like, when I feel like it bit has been nice (and will continue to be nice during the next couple of weeks of holiday busyness and travel), but I’m ready to train with a purpose again. I need a goal on the horizon…any suggestions?

What’s your favorite workout? Running, lifting, none of the above?

What race(s) should I do this spring?