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Weekly Workouts and a Challenge

The end of Daylight Savings Time makes me sad. I hate getting out of work when it’s dark, and worse, the end of Daylight Savings means the start of Treadmill Season. Whomp whomp. At least I had some beautiful running weather for the last week of daily outdoor runs.

Farleks — 2 minutes at 5k pace, 2 minutes easy. 7.1 miles counting warm-up and cool down. Made some new friends:
photo 1 (7)


5.2 miles easy and 40 minutes of strength training at the gym. I hadn’t done in-the-gym stuff for nearly two weeks. It left me s-o-r-e.


6 slow and easy miles — slow thanks to some very sore legs. But my favorite loop at the park was pretty and sunny.
photo 2 (8)


7 miles with 15 30-second hill repeats in the middle. I actually enjoy hill repeats, and I was a little sad that I’ll be restricted to treadmill hills for the most part. But at least on the treadmill I can do longer repeats.

I thought about lifting again Thursday, but… I didn’t.


4 quick and easy miles before the trick-or-treaters started knocking.


11 miles easy for my “long” run. The weather was glorious — I ran in a T-shirt and skirt on November 1! It felt unusually hard for some reason, but I think I was just tired and run down from a couple of long and stressful weeks. I took an hour-long nap in the afternoon, and I rarely nap, so I think I was just tired all around. I hope so, because if 11 was hard, I’ll struggle with the unofficial half-marathon that Amy’s putting together for next weekend!

I haven't posted one of these pictures lately. Better get one up in case you've forgotten what my feet and watch look like.
I haven’t posted one of these pictures lately. Better get one up in case you’ve forgotten what my feet and watch look like.

We went bowling with friends Saturday night, which was not a workout but was embarrassing. I’m the worst at bowling.


I’d run 14 days in a row, so I took today off running. I didn’t want to take the day off completely, though (more on that in a minute), so I rode my bike to the gym and lifted for 40 minutes or so.

Totals: 40.3 miles, not much strength training

As you can see, my strength and core training took a digger this week (and last). I need to get back on that wagon. I also am making a challenge for myself: work out for at least 30 minutes a day, every day from November 1 to January 1. It’s not a run streak, just an exercise streak (brisk walks and yoga count) because I don’t want to flirt with injury, but I figure that committing to some sort of workout out daily will help balance the holiday indulgences, as well as keep the holiday/end-of-semester stress under control.

Who wants to streak with me?

If I were a good blogger, I’d have thought this out months ago, and made it some big bloggy challenge thing with sweet prizes and stuff. But that would mean that A. I were a good blogger and B. I’d thought about this before I was mid-run on November 1. But if you want to join in with me, do it! I could use the accountability, and it’s always fun to have friends.

The only prize you’ll get is being neither plumper nor grumpier this holiday season. That’s a pretty good prize, though, right?

Whether you streak with me or not, I hope November is treating you well thus far, and I hope you have a great week!

Wanna streak?

Are you a Daylight Savings fan or hater?

Can you bowl well, or do your scores stay in the (low) double-digits like mine?