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Lincoln Marathon Training: Week 13

Wow, week 13 of training is already over. That means just six weeks to race day. Gulp. Last week was a stressful and frustrating one (for reasons that shouldn’t be discussed in detail on the interwebs), so my training was as much therapy and sanity-saver as it was solid marathon training. Luckily, those goals overlapped nicely. Here’s how it went:


AM: Strength training at the gym

PM: 8.4 miles of fartleks (and warm-up and cool down). It was suuuper windy, so the fartleks were based on effort, not pace.
photo 1 (5)
Does anyone else love the “intervals finished” song that Garmins play?


8.2 miles easy. Windy again.


10 miles with 5 at tempo. The wind played nice and didn’t blow a billion miles per hour, which made for a much less frustrating tempo.


9.1 miles easy. I had planned to get up and lift in the morning, but I was so. stinking. tired. So I slept.


8 miles at recovery pace


16.4 miles, the first 10 at easy pace, the last 6 progressively faster. If you’ve followed my blog through other training cycles, then you probably know that fast-finish long runs are my nemesis. I struggle every time. So I’m thrilled to let you know that while this one was certainly tough, I hit all the splits I was hoping for. Score!
photo 3 (2)
This is my “Yay! A good run!” face.

After I ran, we got our taxes done and had to pay a bunch of money. So, at least one part of the morning was good.


Rest day. I did this horrible 30-minute yoga video I found on Amazon Prime Instant Video… yeah, it was bad.

Total: 60.1 miles.

I definitely slacked on strength and core work and stretching last week, so I’m making that a priority this week. With six weeks until race day, I can’t afford to slack off. This week will be another stressful one (again, I won’t get too into it, but it starts with a P and ends with an ARCC), and it will also involve a bunch more running in the wind, because that’s what spring does around here. But since I’m training for a May marathon in Nebraska, I suppose a windy race day isn’t out of the question, so I’d better train for it.

How do you feel about running in the wind? 

I’ve been a slacker in the blog world lately. What have I missed?

Sunday Target Practice

Hello, friends!

Here we are again, all too soon at the end of another weekend.

The good news is that Sunday is Target Practice day, which means I get to set some mini-goals for the week, and you get to read all about them. So lucky, aren’t you?

Usually, I look back at the previous week’s goals and check in on how I did. Since last week was the start of a new month, though, I wrote some monthly goals instead of weekly. So instead of checking in on all those goals, let’s just talk about this week’s workouts, shall we? (Or should we not? Do you care about my weekly workouts? I always like reading other people’s, but maybe that’s because I’m a creeper).

Monday: AM: 8.4 miles of fartleks — one of the most fun (to do and to say) workouts ever!
Tuesday: AM: 9 miles easy PM: 45 minutes basement strength training, 15 minutes stretching/foam rolling
Wednesday: AM: 8 miles with 5 at tempo. Ouch.
Thursday: Exactly the same as Tuesday.  
Friday: AM: 8 miles easy
photo (7)

18-mile fast-finish long run. The first ten miles were at regular long run pace, and the last eight started at slightly slower than marathon pace and ended slightly faster. I’m not gonna lie, folks, this one was hard. I’ve got three more like it before the marathon; I’m hoping they get easier!
Sunday: Rest day. Maybe some yoga or stretching tonight, depending on how much grading I get done.
Totals: 60.4 miles running, 1.5 hours strength training, 30 minutes stretching

A word on those “easy” runs: People give me a hard time sometimes about saying things like, “I ran nine easy miles.” But “easy” is just running-speak for “fairly slow.” It doesn’t mean that I’m just prancing along like it’s nothing. Just FYI. 

And now, for this week’s Target Practice:

Target Practice
(I stole this idea from Fit. Fun. Femme.)

LIfe: Call, text, and/or get together with at least one of the friends I haven’t seen in a while. One the my September goals was to not let my relationships take the farthest-back seat now that school is in full swing, so I want to start making good on that goal.

Health: Eat clean (the marathon is just over a month away…no room for junk!) and get enough sleep. I’m super excited for this week’s forecast:

Look at those glorious 70s! That means more evening runs and fewer 4:15 alarms. I’ll still have to do the earlies sometimes, when there’s too much going on in the evenings, but I LOVE running after work (it’s the best stress relief) and am very much looking forward to it.

Fitness: Same old, same old: follow my training schedule (this week is a pretty hefty mileage week), strength train twice, stretch/foam roll twice, and at least a short yoga workout once. This week, I cut the strength training 15 minutes short to work in the stretching and rolling. I’m not sure if that’s the best idea or not, but it worked for this week, anyway.

Did you do anything fun this weekend? I didn’t, really, so tell me your stories!

What do you want to accomplish this week?

And seriously, do you care about reading my weekly workout recaps?