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Back in the Groove: Target Practice

I usually post Target Practice on Sunday nights, but it seemed a little inappropriate to go from “I’m worried about the flood victims” to “Look what I did and plan to do!” in the span of a couple of hours. I don’t know that a day is much better, but…

Target Practice

Target Practice is where I post my weekly goals. I “borrowed” this idea from Fit. Fun. Femme. I also give myself a grade on the previous week’s goals, because I’m a teacher and that’s what I do.

Here were last week’s goals:

LIfe: Call, text, and/or get together with at least one of the friends I haven’t seen in a while. Well, I did contact or was contacted by a number of friends I hadn’t talked to in a while, but not at all in the way I planned. Instead, I exchanged a lot of “You okay?” “Yep. You?” types of texts. (No grade here. Participation points only.)

Health: Eat clean and get enough sleep. I did fairly well with both of these. B+.

Fitness: Follow my training schedule, strength train twice, stretch/foam roll twice, and do at least a short yoga workout once. Here’s how the week played out:

Monday: AM3 x 3 miles at goal marathon pace, with 1000m recoveries. 12.2 miles total. Before work. I’m not gonna lie, folks, I felt pretty cool. PM: Muscle Works at the Body Firm. It kicked my butt.

Tuesday: AM: 30 minutes yoga PM: 9 miles easy.

WednesdayPM: 4 x 2-mile tempo intervals, 12 miles total. I nearly died.

ThursdayAM: 8.5 miles easy, followed by some quick stretching and foam rolling. I intended to strength train later but…I didn’t. Our nieces were playing volleyball here in town, so we went and watched them and then went to dinner with the in-laws. I would have had time to strength train later in the evening, but I just didn’t.

FridayAM: 7.3 miles easy

Saturday22 miles. Weird to think that a big chunk of those miles is now under water.


Totals71 miles (new weekly PR! By one mile, but hey, a PR is a PR), 30 minutes yoga, 1 hour strength training

GradeB. I missed a day of strength and only stretched once, but I’m okay with that during a peak mileage week.

Goals for this week:

Life: Do what I can to help flood victims.

Health: Continue eating clean and getting adequate sleep. Just one month until race day!

Fitness: Can you guess it? Follow the plan. Strength train twice. Yoga once. Stretch and foam roll. It should be a little easier than last week; this is a cutback week mileage-wise.

Do you celebrate mileage PRs?

Tell me a goal you have!

Target Practice Monday

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? We spent Friday through Sunday at my in-laws’ doing birthday celebrations and a family reunion. It was a good weekend, but guess what I didn’t do? That’s right: take pictures. Because, again, I am the worst blogger ever. My in-laws even had a new calf born over the weekend, and I didn’t get a picture of it. Fail.  Here, I found you a similar-looking calf on the Internet:


It’s Monday, which means it’s time for Target Practice. Remember, I stole this idea from Fit. Fun, Femme. and use it to set little goals for myself each week. Before we get to this week’s, though, let’s see how I did with last week’s goals.

Last week’s life goal was to get a solid start on on setting up my classroom. I’m pretty much there, which is good. One thing I did last week was clean out my file cabinet. I hadn’t done it since my first year (I’m about to start year seven), and I had a LOT of stuff I didn’t need anymore — dated materials, bad ideas that seemed good as a first-year teacher, etc.

picture 007

Look at all the good ideas I didn’t have! This all came from one drawer. Time to recycle.

My health goal last week was to focus on post-run recovery nutrition. As it turns out, drinking chocolate milk after most runs is not really difficult. 🙂

And my fitness goal last week was to complete all my scheduled training runs and strength train three times. Done, to the tune of 56 miles run and three hours of strength work. Boom.

Now for this week’s goals:

Target Practice

Life: Two main work-related goals this week. I found out last week that the (free) web host we’ve always used for the school newspaper is no longer hosting, so I need to figure out what to use now. Second, I need to carefully go back over my curriculum, double-checking standards alignment, so that I’m ready to get syllabi done by the end of the week.

Health: I ate a lot of sugar this weekend. It’s back to the veggie-heavy, sugar-light diet this week!

Fitness: Adding on to last week’s goals … I’m continuing the goals to follow my training schedule and strength train three times, and adding at least two days of stretching and foam rolling. Things are getting tight over here.

What was the best part of your weekend?

What’s one goal you want to accomplish this week?