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Seven Wants

I took a  break from the Ten Day You Challenge last week, since I wanted to write a post for my dad’s birthday and then check in on my 30-before-30 goals.  Today, I’m jumping back in with my seven wants. As usual, thanks to Kristin for creating this series!


At first, I was going to simply list things I want — trail running shoes, warm running gloves for this winter, etc. — but that was kinda boring. Then I was going to list bigger, societal things I wanted, but that felt superficial.

If you don’t know which movie that gif came from, we probably can’t be friends.

I finally decided to list seven things I want that either don’t exist or are impossible for me to get. So here are seven things I would have in my ideal world:

  1. A device that I could point at the people I love, and it would make all the things that hurt them just… stop hurting them.
  2. A service that delivers fresh fruits and veggies whenever I want them. And I don’t mean a CSA, though those seem nice. The service I want would bring me freshly picked asparagus at 7:45 p.m. on a Tuesday in January. That would be awesome.
  3. This ranch:
    photo 2Or one like it.
  4. A job whose requirements are as follows: a. Travel to the most beautiful places on Earth b. Run all over said beautiful places  c. Bring your husband and friends on these trips whenever you want.
  5. A chocolate cheesecake that is filled with all the nutrients the body needs and none of the stuff that is bad for us … but it tastes exactly like regular chocolate cheesecake.

    (image from thecheesecakefactory.com. J and I saw a slice of this today, and I said it looked like divine obesity.)
  6. A transporter, old-school Star Trek style, that would “beam me up” and instantly place me wherever I want to be.
  7. A world where alarm clocks are not necessary, and everyone could always get at least 8 hours of quality sleep each night.

On that note… I’m off to get as close to that eight hours as I can, since I live in a world where alarm clocks are necessary. Have a great night, friends!

What would you have in your ideal world?