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Spring Break Successes: Manitou Incline and an Injury Diagnosis

Guess who’s on Spring Break right now?

Did you guess me? You’re right! Of course, break is flying, but so has the school year thus far. I’m sure it’ll all be over before I know it.

Jordan and I are in different school districts now, which means we have different breaks. His was two weeks ago. That’s lame, but I’ve managed to have some fun without him. On Monday, some colleagues and I headed down to Manitou Springs to climb the infamous Manitou Incline.

At the bottom… hopefully my co-workers don’t mind my posting their picture on the Internet…

If you’re not familiar with the Incline: It’s a popular trail/staircase that literally goes straight up a mountain. It was once a cable car track, and when the cable car was damaged and removed, but the railroad ties stayed and looked like a staircase, someone thought, “Hey, we should walk up that.” And ever since, it’s been a quintessential Colorado workout. Because what’s more Colorado than going up 2000 feet in just under a mile?

This video from Out There Colorado gives you an awesome overview, if you can spare two minutes to watch:

The hike burns, that’s for sure. But  the view from the top is well worth it. It took me 38 minutes to get to the top. Yes, that’s 38 minutes for a 0.8-mile hike. And I was the fastest in our group (was I proud of myself for beating the 20-something Crossfit coaches in our group? Yes, yes I was).

Once everyone made it to the top and we snapped a picture (“pics or it didn’t happen,” right?), we headed back down Barr Trail, which is a longer but much less scary way to get down (I would NOT want to go down the Incline). I ran down with my boss, which was fun. She and I haven’t spent much time together this year, and I was pleased at how well we got along. Also, this was my first trail run of 2017. I hope there are many more to come!

We all made it!

That hope of trail runs to come brings me to my next topic: this hamstring injury that just won’t go away. I was pretty nervous about climbing the Incline, especially since the injury had flared back up again last week, causing me to skip my long run. But it held out well, and while I was certainly aware of it, it didn’t hurt badly enough to concern me.

And then, today, I finally ventured to a physical therapist (yes, nine months after this injury originally occurred. I am an idiot). She told me that it’s not actually a hamstring injury, but rather bursitis. The bursa sac where my leg joins my body is inflamed, which then irritates the hamstring. BUT here’s the best news I’ve heard in a long, long time: she thinks I can be better in just a few weeks. We have to get my pelvis realigned and improve some flexibility in my hamstrings, and then the bursa sac should stop being irritated and I’ll be okay again. AND, she said that running won’t cause any major damage — it’ll make me sore, but it’s not dangerous. Soreness I can handle. Bring on the training and the health!

I’m so relieved to finally have an answer… and regretful that I didn’t go see a PT sooner. But, live and learn, and soon I hope I’ll be healthy and enjoying more Incline-esque adventures!


Have you hiked the Incline? What did you think?

What’s a quintessential “your state” thing to do?

Ever had bursitis? Please tell me it’s easy to fix once you know what it is…




Foot Karma

Remember yesterday, when I bragged about conquering my foot and making it run? Yeah…apparently the foot gods don’t like arrogance, so here we are again.

footI’m hoping that wrapping the ice in a pina colada towel will make my foot think it’s at a party. And no, I still have not repainted those scuzzy toenails. Maybe that’s why my foot is mad.

Anyway, here’s what happened. It is not an interesting story, but I’m telling it regardless. I tried to run outside this morning, and after two blocks, my foot said, “Yeah, no.”  I took it inside to try the treadmill again…no dice. So I went to the gym, did  30 minutes each of elliptical and bike, then some abs, and took my sulky self back home.This is pretty uncool, too, Mr. Foot.

I think I will just cut my losses this week, cross train some more, maaaybe run this weekend, and hope that by next week, things are back to normal. It just feels like I overstretched some tendons, so I hope that a few more days of R & R will bring it back around. I know that losing a few days, especially this early in the training cycle, will really have no detrimental effect. But it still bugs me, you know?

We’re headed over to my hometown tomorrow for my high school reunion. Kinda weird to think that it’s been ten years. Also kinda weird to think that I used to look like this:

high school 002(So old that my yearbook was mostly black-and-white)

I’m interested to see how many of my classmates have changed, too, and what they’re up to. I think Facebook has taken away some of the fun of class reunions, though.

That’s enough rambling for today, don’t you think?

Did you (or will you) go to your high school reunion? How much did people change?

What do you do when your best-laid workout plans go oft awry? (Bonus points if you can tell me whose quote I just butchered there.)