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Thursday’s Thoughts… Out Loud

I started writing a different post this afternoon, and when I sat down to finish and post it tonight, I was just no longer in the mood. My brain was done for the evening, apparently, so instead I decided to join in with Amanda for a Thinking Out Loud post, since I haven’t done one for a while. Buckle up for this ride on Cassie’s crazy thought train.


  • We went to a wedding last Saturday and got all gussied up. (“Gussied” is a word that needs to be used more often, don’t you think?) I did not take a single picture… except this one. Of my feet. At the hotel. I really like these shoes and all, but I’m not sure why I thought taking their picture was necessary and photos of J and me, or the bride and groom, or the friends we never see, were not so important. Also, what the heck is that dent in my foot? I have never seen that before.
  • photo 1 (3)This coffee cup… I need it. That way, I could honestly say, “I drink only one cup of coffee per day!”
    photo 2 (3)
  • I kept seeing all these tweets today about a giveaway of workout panties. Nice giveaway and all, but the word “panties” just grates on my eardrums. It just sounds… icky. Can’t we just say “underwear”? And if I don’t stop hearing that awful Chris Brown song about pushing panties to the side every time I turn on the radio, I might go insane.
  • P.S. How is Chris Brown even still making music? He is a bad person. Consumers, stop buying music made by girlfriend-punchers. Not okay.
  • I finally went to Trader Joe’s last weekend. They haven’t been open in Colorado very long, and of course they are far from me because no cool things come to the plains (except for me, obviously), but I finally got to see what all the hype is about. I liked it. Bargains, bargains everywhere!
  • Last night, I was super excited to go to Denver and meet Lynne, Heidi, Marissa, and Amy for a trail run. So I drove an hour and 45 minutes one way… and the weather gods started laughing. “Oh, you want to run up the (very exposed) side of a mountain?” they said. “No. Instead, watch all the cool things we can do with lightning.” So my new friends and I spent a good half hour huddled up under the bathroom roof, watched a bird try to commit suicide (seriously. It was weird.), and waited for the storm to pass. Finally, the lightning moved out and we ran/hiked a whole mile. Stupid weather. But at least I got to meet some cool ladies, and hopefully we’ll be able to actually run together sometime.
  • Speaking of trail running… Logan has me toying with the idea of running an ultra.
    Buying these two things last weekend didn't help.
    Buying these two things last weekend didn’t help.

    Which is crazy because seriously, where am I going to train for that? There are no trails here, and I can’t drive three hours every weekend to train. But reading her and Heidi’s recent race reports makes me kiiinda want to do one, too. And then I look at 50-miler training plans, with their back-to-back 4-to-5-hour runs, and I read that to estimate your finishing time you double your marathon time and add two hours, and I poop a little.

    I guess I have time to decide (i.e. talk myself out of it)… there aren’t any Colorado ultras this year that I can logically do and still PR in my September marathon. That’s not true. There is one, November 1, but I’m too chicken to do it. November in Colorado can be beautiful… but I also remember bundling up to go trick-or-treating in a LOT of Halloween blizzards.  Running 30-50 miles in the snow and cold sounds just awful.

And there’s a glimpse into the things that happen in my brain sometimes. You’re welcome.

Do you think “gussied” needs to make a comeback? What other words should we use more often (or less often…I’m looking at you, “panties”)?

Should I run an ultra? Logan, you’re not allowed to comment on that one. 🙂