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Lincoln Marathon Training: Week 14

Remember how I used to post more than training recaps? Yeah, sorry about the lack of anything else lately. I’ve been both busy and uninspired… my life is not that exciting, really; I just work and run, and I can’t blog about my job because blogging about your job as a teacher is a good way to not have a job as a teacher anymore. But we’ve got one more week until Spring Break, so hopefully I’ll get a big dose of inspiration and have the time to write then.

Anyway, on to yet another training recap. This was a peak mileage week, and I felt good and strong on almost every run. That’s a good sign.


AM: Strength training at the gym for 45ish minutes

PM: 8.1 miles easy. I had a meeting that ran longer than I thought it would, so I rescheduled the 90-105 minute run that my schedule said to do.


Tempo intervals: 4 x 2 miles with 4-minute recovery. This was a tough workout, but the wind played nice and didn’t blow a billion miles an hour while I ran, so that was good. 11.4 miles total, including warm-up and cool-down


9 miles easy. This was one of those runs that just felt good… probably because I needed to burn off a significant amount of standardized test stress. I followed the run with a quick core workout at home.
photo 3 (3)
It had rained off and on all day, and the sky was gorgeous by my evening run. My little iPhone camera couldn’t really do it justice.


AM: Strength training, again! At the gym! I’m on a roll…

PM: 12.5 miles. This was the run I switched with Monday’s.
photo 2 (4)
Still working on the running selfie. Still struggling.


8 miles easy. My legs were pretty tired from Thursday’s two workouts, so I took it nice and slow, then did some core, foam rolling, and Sticking after the run.


23 miles. I normally cap my long run at 22, but I wanted to run one that would have me on my feet longer (time-wise) than the marathon. So 23 it was.
photo 1 (6)
 headed out to my favorite hilly country roads for part of the loop. Everyone who knows me knows I don’t love living on the plains, but days like yesterday remind me that the plains can be pretty, too.


Rest. I didn’t even do yoga. I cleaned my house and graded instead. (See, not exciting.)

Totals: 72 miles, about 2 hours core and stretch

Just two more hard weeks, and then it’s taper time. I can hardly even believe it.

Is your life exciting (or more exciting than mine…)?

What’s your favorite long run loop like?

Lincoln Marathon Training: Week 12

Twelve weeks in, and I finally had a training week that felt great. My legs felt good, my guts felt better than they have in a long time (yay restrictive diet!), and the weather was absolutely amazing. Here’s how it went.


AM: I finally decided to be less of a bum and get to the gym to lift for 45 minutes.

PM: 12 miles easy in the beautiful sunshine.
photo 1 (4)
Like my new sunglasses? I finally broke down and bought decent ones.


Parent-teacher conferences in the evening meant a morning treadmill run. Whomp whomp. 8 easy miles and some quick core work.


Another easy 8-miler, outside this time, followed by some core work and stretching. I’m trying to learn to take mid-run selfies like you legit bloggers. It’s not going so well.
photo 2 (2)
Yep, that looks natural.


Another day of conferences meant another treadmill run — Yasso 800s this time. I know it’s not quite the same on the treadmill, but I hit my pace on all of them and didn’t feel like death, so I’m counting that as a win! I ended up cutting my cool-down (super)short because of the whole “having to go to work” bit and ended up with 8.2 miles for the day.


To make up for the two nights of conferences, we had Friday off, which was sweet. In the middle of the day (because I could), I ran 8 miles, stopped at the gym to lift, and ran another mile home. It was glorious.

"Maybe if I take the picture on this side of the pond, it'll work better!" Nope.
“Maybe if I take the picture on this side of the pond, it’ll work better!” Nope.


22 miles. It felt downright hot outside. My body’s not used to this “warmth” business yet!
photo 4
Here’s a me-less picture, since you’re probably getting tired of looking at my awkward mug.


Rest day, but way too nice out to stay inside. My pal Sarah came over, and she and J and I walked for about an hour. It was 80 degrees out. 80.

Total: 67.2 miles. That’s a nice number. I feel good about that.

Is it feeling springy where you are?

Do you take mid-workout selfies? HOW?

Thoughts from the Long Run

I don’t know about you, but when I run long, my brain does some weird stuff. Super weird. So I thought I’d share some of that weirdness with you. I figure you’ll either A) totally identify and be my best friend for life, or B) think I’m even weirder than you did before. Really, I’m okay with either option.

Miles 1-6: Come on, legs. Let’s move. I know you’re stiff because I’ve worked you hard this week, but this is going to be one miserable run if you don’t get it together. (You know you’re a marathoner when it takes you six miles to feel warmed up.)

Miles 6-8:  (Planning my lesson on linking verbs for Monday. I am exciting).

Mile 8: These weeds are a lot taller than they were last time I was out here. I wish the county would mow them. They’re very poky. If I were a scientist, I’d name these weeds “stabbernum pokeynus.”

Mile 9: Hoooly buckets, that’s a big dog. With no fence. Big dog, no fence. Big dog, no fence, running at me. *begins shouting lots of unkind things at said big dog until his owner comes out and calls him in* I will now give that owner my meanest death stare. Through sunglasses. Because that’s effective.

Miles 10-12 (the hilly part): I’m getting stronger every step. I’m getting stronger every step. I’m getting…that mantra is too long. Stronger every step. Stronger every step.

Mile 13 (still hilly): Strong step. Strong step. Step strong. Strep song. Shlong schlepp. Forget it. Pancakes.

Mile 15: (Lots of profound ideas for blog posts that I can’t remember now and probably never will)

Mile 17:

(A colleague and I were just talking about this yesterday. He said this in the Office Space voice, and the kids didn’t get it. Why it popped into my head mid-run is a mystery.)

Mile 18: I’m going to run right through that girl’s senior picture. Oh well…there’s no way around. (When 90% past her) Oh, that’s one of my students. *awkward head turn* “Hi!”

Mile 20.3: A train?! Who put train tracks here, anyway? Uncool. 

Mile 21: What time is it? That’s right: chocolate milk time. But first I have to take this picture of my feet, because that’s what running bloggers do, and I am a running blogger, dangit.
photo (5)(I tried to take it so you couldn’t tell that sweat was covering 90% of my body…fail).

Is your brain as random as mine on long runs?

What’s your favorite weekend breakfast? I ended up eating eggs and toast, not pancakes.