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Tuesday Treadmillin’

The days are getting longer, slowly but surely. And the weather has been beautiful here, so I keep hoping that I’ll get done at work and home early enough to get in at least part of my run before dark. But it hasn’t happened yet. Today, it was the fault of the constantly jamming copy machine. Grrr.

So it was another treadmill night, but that’s okay because I kicked my own tush with this little workout:

hilltervalsAfter the first round, I thought, “This is way too much recovery time!” After the second-to-last round, I thought, “This isn’t nearly enough recovery time!” Ha.

The best part of this workout was wearing new shoes. We went to Bell’s Running in Greeley (it’s the best; if you live here, go there) yesterday, and they only had one pair of Mizuno Wave Inspires in stock. And they were my size! Clearly we were meant to be.

photo (29)


Yes, my legs are super pasty. Thanks for noticing. It’s January. Also, they stay that color all year long. I’m not ashamed of my gingerness.

And one last chunk of good news: tomorrow is hump day! In fact, for a lot of readers, it will already be hump day by the time you read this.

Have a great rest of your week!

Have any treadmill workouts I should try?

Do office machines hate you, too?

What’s your go-to shoe?