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Colorado Fall Classic Marathon Training: Week 5

It’s Monday, and I’m another week closer to the Colorado Fall Classic Marathon (and hopefully a PR). Last week was pretty solid workout-wise, and since I’m doing the #movehappy challenge with Heather and Laura, I actually made a point of bringing my phone and taking pictures on most runs. Of course, the pictures are almost all identical (feet + Garmin), and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen them, but at least I have pictures in this post. Baby steps.

AM: 8.6 miles of fartleks.
photo 2 (7)PM: 45 minutes full-body strength

AM: 9.1 easy miles (I almost left out the decimal. Rest assured, I did not run 91 easy miles. I don’t think that even exists).

PM: 30 or so minutes of core, stretching, and foam rolling

AM: 8 miles easy. Today was supposed to be speedwork, but my stomach was having none of that, so I switched it with tomorrow’s easy run. I also got to enjoy a pretty sunrise, which I didn’t think to photograph until it was almost over. I think the construction fence really adds something, don't you?

I think the construction fence really adds something, don’t you?

PM: More core, etc.

AM: Yasso 800s x 7. There’s a nice little downhill stretch that’s almost exactly a half-mile long and not far from my house, so that’s where I did my Yassos. I hit the pace on all but #6, so that’s a good sign. 10.5 miles total, including warm-up and cool-down.
photo (15)

PM: 45 minutes full-body strength

7.6 easy miles followed by some quick core work. I also tried to waterski…. “tried” being the operative word. No pictures of that… thank goodness.

20 miles. I hadn’t run this far since October. My legs were tired and grumpy, and it took me an hour to feel warmed up and in the groove. Once I got there, though, I felt good and strong for the remainder of the run.
photo 4 (3)I also did a quick and fairly wimpy core workout in the afternoon.

Rest. J and I went for an easy little bike ride, and I did a quick core workout and a not-so-quick stretching and foam rolling session. My right hip has been super tight lately, so I gave it a lot of stretching/roller/tennis ball attention.

Totals: 63.8 miles running (I wish I had known that. I would’ve run another .2), 3ish hours strength/stretch/etc.

This week should be a fun week of training: a couple of speed days, and the Chase the Moon relay on Friday/Saturday night. Woot!

Can you waterski? If you can, tell me how!

Do all your post-run pictures look the same, too?

What did you do for the 4th of July?