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Fall Classic Marathon Training: Race Week

So, I ran a marathon yesterday. I’ll write a full race recap and race review (spoiler alert: it’s a great race) later this week, but in a nutshell … I ran yet another 3:13 (this makes three of them) and took second place. I was on track for my 3:10 goal and the win until my digestive system decided to be a jerk. Whomp whomp.

But that’s a story for a later day, and I should probably recap my final week of training. Here you go.


4.2 miles nice and easy, then a short core workout

Tempo intervals, 3x1000m, for a total of 6 miles

5 miles easy and some core

3.5 slow and easy miles. I planned to take a rest day, but I was at a conference all day (i.e. sitting), and my legs were stiff as boards. I had to move them.

Another 3.5 miles, this time on the hotel treadmill since it was 33 degrees out and, like a dummy, I didn’t pack long sleeves. Followed by some stretching to precede another day of conference-sitting.

26.2 miles down a canyon. I’m hoping the official race pics are good (and borrowable), since I didn’t take any while I ran. Here’s one from after the race.
photo 1 (4)

Total: 48..4 miles (22.2 pre-race)

This is a short and mostly pictureless blog post; sorry about that. I’m trying to summit Grading Mountain this week, and it’s leaving me short on blog time. But I promise that, unless the race pictures aren’t posted, I’ll get that recap written.

Anybody else race this weekend? How’d it go?