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Spring Things I’m Looking Forward To

Yes, I know that title ends with a preposition, but “Spring Things to Which I’m Looking Forward” sounded pretty awkward. I think that preposition rule is a dumb one, anyway.

Oh, wait, this is supposed to be a running blog, not a grammar blog. My bad.

Today is April 1 (duh). I know the first day of spring was a couple of weeks ago, but April is when I really start getting spring fever. I’ve been thinking about the things I want to do as the weather warms up, including:

  • Run first thing in the morning without bundling up. I like to do my long runs first thing Saturday morning, but in the winter, I do them midday, when it’s warmest. Unless, of course, we have mid-day plans, in which case I have to put on 87 layers, even though it will be 50 later in the day.

    Ear warmer and turtleneck, be gone!
    Ear warmer and turtleneck, be gone!
  • Getting our yard started.  We bought our house two years ago, and the backyard is still empty…aside from millions of goathead thistles. My brother (a landscape architect) is working on a design for us, so we’re getting started this spring. I can’t wait!
  • Stretching/doing abs/lying down post-run in that new grass. Yeah. That’ll be nice. And we’re doing sod, so it won’t even take that long to be lie-on-able once it’s installed.
  • Planting flower pots in addition to the yard stuff. I absolutely love planting and taking care of my flowers in the summer. Every year, I end up having to buy more pots because I bought too many bedding plants. I have a problem.
    Picture2 269
  • Having class outside. In school, I was always that annoying kid who asked if we could have class outside every time it was nice out. Now I’m the teacher. If I want class outside, we have class outside.
  • The start of the farmer’s market. Last year was the first year our little town had a farmer’s market. It was small, but it was great to be able to buy local produce from local people.
  • Evening walks/bike rides with the hubster. Those are some of our favorite things in summer.
  • Crossing a few things off my “30 Before 30” listlike running Red Rocks and visiting Pawnee Buttes.
  • Going to the mountains. Because I love them long time, and I don’t ski or snowboard, so winter is mountainless for me (except for driving over them at Christmas…the one time I don’t love them so much).
    More fun when not snowy.
    More fun when not snowy.

    Clearly there is a lot to look forward to in the coming months, and more, I’m sure, that I didn’t think to post. Bring on warmer weather! (After Thursday’s predicted snow. Please.)

What spring things are you most excited about?