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Target Practice on Tuesday. Because I Like to Keep You Guessing.

At first, I was writing my Target Practice posts on Mondays. It made sense to me to write out my weekly goals on the first day of the week. Then, the school year started back up and Mondays got crazy busy, so I  decided to move Target Practice to Sunday night. This Sunday came and went with no time for blogging, so here we are on Tuesday. If you like consistency in your blogs, then maybe this is the wrong place for you.

Me, too, Bearcat. Me too.

Target Practice
(As always, thanks to FIt. Fun. Femme. for letting me jump on the T.P. bandwagon. That phrase sounded better in my head.)

Let’s look at last week’s goals. I’m grading myself because I’m back in teacher mode:

Life: Blog three times. I made it twice. Grade: D.

Health: Eat clean, including avoiding the candy dishes at work. Overall, I did okay.  I did hit the candy dish twice, but two bite-size pieces of chocolate in a week will probably not cause any major damage. I also ate old-fashioned (refined) spaghetti at a fund-raiser dinner and shared some cake with J at our nephew’s baptism. That’s moderation, not failure. Grade: A-.

Fitness: If you’ve read these posts for a few weeks, I bet you know what my goal was: run a lot, strength train twice, yoga once, stretch/foam roll once. Last week looked like this:
Monday: AM – 8-mile fartlek run PM – Muscle Works class (which was killer last week!)
Tuesday: AM- 6 miles easy PM- 30 minutes yoga
Wednesday: AM- 10 miles — 1.2-mile tempo intervals
Thursday: AM- 6 miles easy PM – 60-minute strength workout in my basement because I was too dang hot and tired to go to the gym
Friday: AM- 5 miles easy PM- Considered stretching/rolling and did not
Saturday: 21-mile run
Sunday: Rest
Totals: 56 miles run, 2 hours strength, 30 minutes yoga, another fail on the stretching. Grade: B.

Now, for this week:

Life: Let’s try blogging three times again and see if I can do it. We had standardized testing yesterday and today (yes, it’s only the second week of school. Welcome to the world of testing education), so I was able to get caught up on grading. You know, until tomorrow, when all my students turn stuff in again. But maybe the smaller grading stack will open up blogging time.

Health: I have got to figure this sleeping thing out. I go to bed like a 90-year-old, but getting up at 4:15 to work out is still rough, and I’m tired and afraid I’m going to catch the nasty diseases my students are already spreading about. I realize that I could run after work, but after work it is 95 degrees and stays that way until dark. Weather.com says the temps will start lowering next week. Don’t let me down, September. I’m counting on you.

Fitness: Well, I’m just gonna keep on repeating the same old goal until I hit it. Creative goal-setting is not for me.

Do you feel like you get enough sleep?

What’s something you want to accomplish this week?