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August Wrap-Up

Can anyone else not believe that August is already over? It was a nice month and all, but I’m not too sad to see it go. The cooler days can start coming along any time now. (Dear Weather Gods: Please note that I said “cooler,” not “frigid”).

Let’s look at some August highlights. Because why not.

Training: August topped out as my highest-mileage month of the year thus far, with 272.3 miles. I’m coming for you, Rock ‘n Roll Denver.

rock n roll 2011(This picture is from last time I ran this marathon, in 2011 [I’ve done either the half or the full every year since 2009]. I like it because I’m about to chick all those guys, and I’m arrogant like that. Also, all the cool kids wear tank tops and mittens.)

Now, hopefully that cool weather I’m praying for will start moving in so more miles can be run after work, sans heatstroke.

Throughout August, I also put a focused effort toward recovery nutrition, thanks to this book. It really is making a difference in my training; I feel more recovered and ready to run again on days that I refuel properly.

I was also pretty consistent this month about strength training 2-3 days a week, plus another 2-3 days of ab work each week. I’m still struggling with stretching, foam rolling, etc., which I know are important to recovery and need to be done more often. I just really kind of hate them.


Work: School started back up again 2.5 weeks ago, and we’re back into the thick of it now. Which means my Saturdays from now until May will look like this:
photo (6)Post-long-run compression socks and grading.

Side note on compression socks: I’ve read all these articles and blogs about how great they are, but I don’t really see it. Maybe I bought mine too big or bought the wrong brand or something.

Life: August was a busy month family-wise, with county fairs, baby baptisms, and weddings — all fun and celebratory events. And of course, we can’t forget that August 1 was my birthday, which really kind of went on all month — just last night, we went to Denver to have my birthday dinner with my girlfriends. We went to Duo, and it was yummy.  It’s a farm-to-table place, which is right up my metaphorical alley and completely unavailable where I live (ironic, since we’re surrounded by farms). I had grilled eggplant on millet with carrots. Yum. If you’re in Denver, you should go there.

samThis picture is not from last night or Duo, but it is of me and the two friends we were with last night. I need to take more pictures.

And that’s August in a nutshell! I’ll be posting some September goals for tomorrow’s Target Practice post; be sure to check back!

What was the highlight of your August?

Do you like compression socks/think they make a difference?

Ladies — Do you like “chicking” guys? Guys — Does it bother you to get “chicked”? It’s always funny in races, because when I pass most guys, they’re supportive and cool, and then there are those few guys who will pretty much kill themselves to not let me pass.