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How the Paleo Diet Didn’t Change my Life

Lately, it seems that everyone is talking about the Paleo diet. Lots of people love it, say it’s cured all that ailed them, claim they’ll never go back. And lots of people hate it, say it’s unbalanced, unrealistic, unnecessary.


Everyone who know me knows that I’m a health nut. I want to put the best foods into my body so I can get the best performance out of it. If you know me well (or read this blog), you also know that I’ve struggled with digestive issues for a long time. So as I watched the Paleo diet climb in popularity, and as I read all the raves from Paleo devotees, I became intrigued. I became hopeful that the Paleo diet would finally be that magic bullet that would make me run faster and feel better. 

So I tried it. I read It Starts With Food and followed the Whole30 in October and November. After the Whole30, my diet stayed Paleo, with some holiday divergences, and I kept it up until this month.


The Paleo diet didn’t change my life. Here’s why:

(Note: I am aware that this was not exactly a highly controlled scientific experiment. There was more than one variable, so not all of these can be blamed on Paleo.)

  • I didn’t have abundant energy. Now, my energy levels aren’t unusually low or anything, but a lot of Paleoites claim that the diet makes energy levels stay steady and fairly high all day. Nope. At 3:30 every day, the kids walked out of my room and I sank into my chair, exhausted, like every other day of my life. 
  • I ran slower. This is one of those “too many variable” instances. I started the Whole30 the day after my last marathon, and for the next few months, I ran easy. Now that I’ve started eating grains (i.e. more carbs) and doing speedwork, even my easy runs are speeding up. Is this all due to diet? No. Duh. Speedwork = getting faster.
  • I gained weight. I expected to gain a couple of pounds when my training level went down, but I definitely gained more than a couple. I was eating extremely clean, especially during the Whole30, but the Paleo diet is relatively high in fat, and for me, this didn’t work. Not because “fat makes you fat” (we all know that’s not true, because it’s not 1995), but because fat is high in calories, and eating too many calories adds poundage. And eat too many calories I did.


But the main reason I’ve decided that eating Paleo is not for me is…

  • It didn’t make me feel better. I didn’t feel any worse, either. I felt pretty much exactly the same as always. And if I’m not going to feel any different, why keep adhering to a stricter (and expensive) diet?

I’m not by any means claiming that the Paleo diet is evil. In fact, I think the Paleo diet can be very healthy, if you do it right (Hint: Doing it right means eating lots and lots of veggies and some meats, not basing your diet on bacon and paleo “treats.”). 

am saying that the Paleo diet is probably not the cure-all miracle diet that some make it out to be. Diet is an individual thing; what works for some doesn’t for others. And this didn’t work for me.

On to new experiments!

What are your thoughts on/experiences with the Paleo diet?

Did you know that if you Google “caveman,” you get cute, goofy images like the ones in this post, but if you Google “cavewoman,” you get nothing but scantily-clad women? Stay tuned for my next post, “Why the Internet is stupid.” (Just kidding; I’m not really writing that post. But seriously…why?)


November (?!) Target Practice

Can you even believe that it’s already November? That means we have two months of 2013 left. I’m pretty sure I just stopped writing 2012 like…a month ago.

October was good to me, though, so I hope November is, too!

Target Practice

I do Target Practice a la Fit.Fun.Femme. every Sunday, but at the start of the month, I like to set monthly goals instead of weekly. Although October went fast, it seems like a long time ago that I set goals for it. Here’s what they were and how close I came to meeting them. I’m grading myself again, because I ought to grade something this weekend, and it’s not gonna be the Animal Farm questions in my bag.

Life: Make and keep dates with friends. Why is this so hard for me? Friends are important. I had a few get-togethers with friends, but I still have not made friendship upkeep as high a priority as I need to. It’s just tough when everyone is so busy.

Or…maybe it’s because I am the socially awkward penguin. Grade: C-.

Blog: Take better and more relevant photos, and post twice a week. There was one week in October in which I posted only once. The others I made the twice-weekly goal. And I’m slowly but surely getting better at taking pictures.
photo (16)

See? Yesterday I even took the quintessential blogger photo of my running-shoed feet. And I posted it on instagramGrade: C.

Health: Don’t get sick, and find some new, healthy recipes. Done and done. Thank goodness, I avoided the nasty stomach bug that was circulating the school a couple of weeks ago (knock on wood), and the Whole30 has provided me with a bunch of healthy recipes. Grade: A.

Fitness: This goal was dominated by the marathon: train well, taper well, race well, recover well. I give myself an A for this one.

And now, goals for November:

Life: Third month’s a charm? Hang out with some friends. Call the ones who live too far away to hang out with.

Blog: Post a minimum of three times a week, and regularly update Twitter and Instagram. I want to get better at this blogging thing.

Health: Finish the Whole30. Figure out what’s been bothering my guts for so long.

Fitness: I don’t have any major races on the calendar, but I’d like to get some shorter ones (10k to half marathon) scheduled for early 2014. While my mileage is decreased, I want to gain some more strength. That probably means actually going to the weight room instead of to the dumbbells in my basement. I haven’t used the big kid machines (like the squat rack) since high school weights class. Too bad this girl and this girl don’t live closer to me, because they are weight room monsters.


What’s something you want to accomplish in November?

Locals: Want to be my gym buddy (and maybe teach me what to do with things that aren’t dumbbells)?